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Business Travel

UCL has a Business Travel Insurance policy that will insure UCL employees, students, and persons assisting UCL with its business who are normally resident in the UK. 

No individual trip should exceed 12 months. For individuals who have been temporarily assigned to a country for employment or education purposes for a period in excess of 12 months, will be considered to be a secondee by the insurers, and as such, treatment for pre-existing medical conditions are excluded and you will require an additional health insurance policy.

If you are planning a trip to a Sanctioned Territory like Russia, a sanctions questionnaire will need to be completed and this can take several days for the insurers to approve the cover.

If travel is to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Niger, Delta, Mali, Syria, Columbia, Nigeria, Venezuela, Philippines or Mexico, you will need to inform the Insurance Section as the policy has restricted cover for travel to these areas.

Cover for days taken as Annual Leave 

There is cover for a few days taken as holiday in conjunction with the UCL trip. The additional days must be in the same country or state as the UCL trip.

Business trip duration and holiday duration
Less than 5 days business trip - 0 days holiday
5-12 days business trip - 2 days holiday
13-21 days business trip - 5 days holiday
22-35 days business trip - 8 days holiday
36-50 days business trip - 12 days holiday
51-65 days business trip -16 days holiday
66-80 days business trip - 20 days holiday
81-100 days business trip - 23 days holiday
101-365 days business trip - 25 days holiday
Over 365 days - 28 days holiday

Policy Benefits

The policy provides the following benefits:

  • Medical Expenses including Emergency Repatriation Expenses - Unlimited. There is no medical expenses cover on the policy in an individual's home country or country of permanent residence.
  • Baggage - £10,000 per person (claims over £3000 subject to 25% of excess amount). An excess of £50 is payable on each claim.
  • Money - £3,000 per person (claims over £3000 subject to 25% of excess amount)
  • Electronic Business Equipment - £3,000
  • Other Business Equipment - £3,000
  • Cancellation & Curtailment Expenses outside UK- £10,000
  • Cancellation & Curtailment Expenses within UK- £2,000
  • Replacement Employees - £10,000
  • Personal Liability - £5,000,000
  • Travel Delay – Maximum Benefit - £500
  • Loss of Deposits - £1,000
  • Hijack – Limit £500 per day
  • Legal Expenses - £50,000
  • Death, Loss of Limbs /Eyes, Permanent Total Disablement –3 x annual salary
  • Temporary Total Disablement - £60 per week (Payable for a maximum of 104 weeks) & £25 per week for Temporary Partial Disablement
  • Single Event Limit - £10,000,000 any one event.

A travel insurance guide is available in the link below which contains useful information for pre-trip, risk management, apps for assistance and how to remain safe whilst travelling.

Health Insurance

Staff and students travelling to the US for more than 90 days and students embarking on a term/year abroad in a US university under an F or J1 visa, are now required to obtain a greater level of health insurance cover than that of a generic UK Travel Insurance Policy, for an additional cost, the UCL insurers have developed a policy (in the link below) which meets the J1 Visa requirement. 

The "Bronze Plan" in the link should be adequate cover but it is advised that you confirm this with the US institution who may have additional requirements which exceed that of the J1 Visa.

Advice on your specific area of travel

UCL is insured by RSA - see the website below for specific advice about the area you are travelling to, the password is the UCL policy number RTT306251/LUPC028.

Contact with UCL in emergencies

Whilst it is expected all staff and students undertaking trips within the UK in respect of College related work or studies would have appropriate arrangements for emergency contact in place, it is recognised there could be occasions where planned lines of communication may not succeed.

It is also recognised that those members of UCL who are based at locations away from our main campus, including overseas, may have urgent need for contact with ‎their Department or other colleagues.

If usual means of contact have failed it may assist to know the Estates Security Team hold contact information on how to reach suitable UK based Department contacts, if urgently needed, on a 24 hour basis.

It is also possible to reach other important groups such as Student Services in emergency situations.

The e-mail address is: securitycontrol@ucl.ac.uk

The 24/7 Telephone number is: +44207 679 3333 international, 0207 679 3333.

Fieldtrips and off-site working

UCL provides cover for off-site working, such as fieldtrips. Itineraries and risk assessments should be retained by the department.

If there are a number of individuals planning a fieldtrip to a remote area, please notify the Insurance Administrator, so that advice can be sort on what medical facilities are available in the region.


Health advice on work related travel e.g. vaccinations is provided by UCL's Occupational Health department.

There are the usual exclusions for hazardous activities and emergency medical treatment where a person is travelling against medical advice, trips taken after 26 weeks pregnancy should be discussed with the Insurance team.

European Health Insurance card (EHIC)

When travelling to European Union countries it is recommended that you carry a EHIC which allows you to have reduced medical treatment in an emergency.

Equipment Cover

UCL equipment in excess of £3,000 would need to be covered under special arrangements and details can be obtained from the Insurance team, who can also provide further information about travel insurance.

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