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Film Journal is an academic on-line journal founded by SERCIA, an international organisation established in France in 1993 to promote the study and teaching of English-speaking cinema.

It publishes issues that examine a wide variety of themes, providing new perspectives on film history, theory, narrative, and film aesthetics relating to English-speaking film. The first issue was published on-line in 2011.

Editorial board: Melvyn Stokes (founding editor), Raphaëlle Costa de Beauregard, Gilles Menegaldo, Dominique Sipière.

Current editor: Penny Starfield (

In selecting themes for future issues of the journal, the editor and editorial board have the assistance of an international advisory committee.

All articles will be peer-reviewed and the decision of the editors will be final.

1. Submission guidelines

2. International Advisory Committee

3. Film Journal, Issue 1 (2011): Hybridity, Borders and Margins in English-speaking Cinema

4. Film Journal, Issue 2 (2013): Youth in American Film

5. Forthcoming issues:

   * Railway and Locomotive Language in Film

   * Terms that Matter: Naming and Labelling

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