William Hogarth: Shakespearean Genius or Limited by Satire?

13 April 2015

Thursday May 21


Talk /  Drinks

Roberts G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre, Roberts Building, Malet Place

The Enraged Musician (1741) - William Hogarth

Rakes and Harlots. Gin Lane and Beer Street. Elections, prisons, madhouses, brothels. What the Romantics saw in Hogarth was not merely an artist who could raise a smile, but a Shakespearean genius who captured the true spirit of eighteenth-century London.  They saw an artist whose every detail was significant and whose every character seemed to have a history. ‘Other pictures we look at’, Charles Lamb wrote, ‘his we read’. Hogarth is one of English art’s greatest talents and a fascinating window on the eighteenth century, but he is also - as Coleridge, Lamb and Hazlitt recognised - a figure who stretched graphic art to its limits. Come and explore the greatest works of this very English genius.

A drinks reception follows in the Roberts Foyer G02.

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