UCL Artists in Residence

16 April 2015

Wednesday May 20


Discussion / Exhibition / Installation / Performance / Drinks

Front Quad Events Space

Selected Images (click to enlarge)

  • © Andy Charalambous - 'Singularity' (2012)
  • © Tom Wolseley - Shardology
  • © Gordana Novakovic
  • © Margarita Saad
  • © Kat Austen - Installation of Not Waving at New Atlantis, The Crystal, London (Jan 2015)
  • Afterlife (Woodland), French & Mottershead, 2014. Photo - Milena Vergara Santiago
  • © Eleanor Morgan
  • © Zoe Schoenherr - Perspex Model
  • © Hilary Powell - Detail of roofing zinc salvaged from UCL Bartlett Architecture building under renovation. Acid etched portrait of UCL demolition contractor Andy Maclachlan

This session will bring together many of the current Artists in Residence from around UCL, emphasizing the art in Arts and Humanities but crossing Faculty and disciplinary borders. Our panel will be considering the artists' experiences and the role of art within the diverse academic communities across UCL. An exhibition accompanying this event and displaying the work of the UCL Artists in Residence will take place in the Wilkins North Cloisters 18-22 May.

As part of the UCL Festival of the Arts, this exhibition brings together some of the many current Artists in Residence from around UCL. If you want to learn more about Artists in Residence, then please join us for a special event on Wednesday 20 June, 16:00 – 18:00 in the Front Quad events space. We’ll hear from them on current projects as well as a mass panel discussion, chaired by Dryden Goodwin, Reader, Slade School of Fine Art in which the artists' experiences, and the role of art within the diverse academic communities across UCL, will be considered.

A drinks reception follows in the Front Quad Events Space.

Andy Charalambous

HEP Artist in Residence, Astronomy Artist in Residence and Honorary Research Fellow, UCL Physics and Astronomy

High Energy Physics (HEP) group open residency, 2011 – present, and Astronomy group open residency, 2014 - present

Both the HEP and Astronomy residences are not restricted to specific projects within these groups. I am able to pursue my own interests, discussing and collaborating with group members as needed for my research and production of my work.

Website: www.andycharalambous.com

Margarita Saad

Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence, UCL French, in collaboration with Professor Timothy Mathews

Translation, Transcription: Oulipian Art, from French to English, October 2014 – July 2015

Saad explores the materiality of signs and the aesthetic consequences of translating into English texts produced under constraint by the French-based Oulipo group.

An exhibition of Margarita’s work is on in Foster Court, Room 131, 18 May – 30 June.

Website: www.translationtranscription.wordpress.com

Hilary Powell

Leverhulme Artist in Residence, UCL Chemistry

Urban Alchemy, October 2014 – July 2015

Print experimentation and salvage exposing the hidden chemistry and material stories of an urban environment undergoing constant transformation and those who work implementing this change. 

Supported by UCL Grand Challenge for Sustainable Cities. Associated project of London Festival of Architecture 2015

Website: www.hilarypowell.com/urbanalchemy

Eleanor Morgan

Leverhulme Artist in Residence, UCL Grant Museum of Zoology

The Glass Delusion, October 2014 – November 2015

Eleanor Morgan is Leverhulme funded artist in residence at the Grant Museum of Zoology, where she is working with their collection of Glass Sponges. These deep sea creatures are formed of 90% silica, the same element used to make glass. Through printmaking, sculpture, video and drawing she is exploring how the same material can be used to form organic and inorganic structures. The residency will result in an exhibition in the Museum from September 2015.

Website: www.eleanormorgan.com

Zoe Schoenherr

Leverhulme Artist in Residence, PAMELA, UCL Civil Engineering, in collaboration with Professor Nick Tyler

Kinaesthetic and the Individuality of Perception, January 2015 – November 2015

Perception as a tactile and movement response, above the visual sense, is central to my residency research into transitional movement through a double decker bus. This research considers the architecture of the bus as our co-dependent partner. To inform this notion I am working with two dancers, one of which specializes in Contact Improvisation, a form of dance where one dancer’s movement informs the other.

Website: www.zoeschoenherr.co.uk

Kat Austen

 Artist in Residence, UCL Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences

Honorary Artist in Residence, UCL Faculty of Maths and Physical Sciences

Writer in Residence 2013 – 2015, Artist in Residence 2015 – 2017

Dr Kat F Austen is Artist in Residence at UCL's Faculty of Maths and Physical Sciences, where she researches networks and knowledge generation and verification in a hyper-connected age. Collaboraters so far: Dr Ben Lishman (Not Waving); Prof. Andrea Sella, Joanna Marshall-Cook, Dr Rae Harbird and Prof Stephen Hailes (Elements).

Website: www.katausten.com

French & Mottershead

Visiting Research Fellow, UCL Faculty of the Built Environment (Bartlett), in collaboration with Dr Barbara Penner, Professor Caren Levy and Dr Carolyn Rando

Performed Power in Public Space, January 2015 – April 2015, and Afterlife, May 2014 - present

Rebecca French & Andrew Mottershead make situations in which people can think again about who they are, their ties to place, and one another. They use art as a site of experience, by engaging mind and body with tangible narratives that disturb and develop the sense of self in our fast-evolving environments.

Performed Power in Public Space - Creating a number of exploratory sketches looking at street harassment - the everyday unpleasant and scary interactions that play out in public space - the staring, the catcalls and insults, the gropes, the ‘accidental touches’, the assumed access.

Afterlife - A developing series of audio narratives that invite listeners to reflect on what happens to their body after death in different environments – a deciduous woodland, a climate-controlled art museum, an urban waterway and a domestic space.

Website: www.frenchmottershead.com

Max Colson

Leverhulme Artist in Residence, UCL Urban Laboratory, in collaboration with Dr Ben Campkin

UCL Urban Lab, September 2014 – June 2015

Max Colson’s photographs investigate controlled urban spaces. He is a Leverhulme Trust artist in residence at the University College London Urban Laboratory, where he is collaborating with its Director, Dr Ben Campkin. These pictures will be exhibited at his UK solo show Security and the Urban Imagination, at the Royal Institute of British Architects 9 July – 25 August 2015.

Website: www.maxcolson.com

Tom Wolseley

Leverhulme Artist in Residence, UCL Urban Laboratory, in collaboration with Andrew Harris

Shardology, May 2015 – February 22 2016

Shardology is a project by UCL Urban Lab Leverhulme Artist in Residence Tom Wolseley in collaboration with UCL geographer Andrew Harris. Tom Wolseley works across disciplines creating narrative based films that explore complex subjects as well as reflexively his own methodological process. For more

Website: www.architrope.com

Gordana Novakovic

Artist in Residence, UCL Computer Science, in collaboration with Dr Peter Bentley

The Tesla Art | Science Research Interest Group, January 2005 - present

The Tesla Art | Science Research Interest Group was founded by Gordana Novakovic in 2005 when she was Artist in Residence at the Department of Computer Science. She was supported by AHRC/ACE and Leverhulme Trust fellowships, with Dr Peter Bentley as collaborating scientist. Her appointment has continued since then with Departmental support.

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