The Battle Near Prague! Grand Duet for Sweet Dumplings & Cream Strudel

13 April 2015

Tuesday May 19



Wilkins Haldane Room, Wilkins Building

Felix Mendelssohn

In 1832 Mendelssohn asked his friends, the clarinettists Carl and Heinrich Baermann, to bake his favourite dish: sweet dumplings and cream strudel.  In return the Baermanns requested a duet for clarinet and bassethorn with piano accompaniment.  Bakers and composer started at 9am and at 5pm each presented their work in a covered dish. The Baermanns were as delighted with the composition as Mendelssohn was with the cakes. This performance is an arrangement for clarinet, viola and piano, and is preceded by the Trio in B-flat Major by the young Beethoven and an arrangement of "The Shepherd on the Rock" composed by Schubert in the final months of his life.

  • Clarinet - Jane McLauchlin

  • Viola - Stephen Cadywold

  • Piano - Ian Chown

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