Passionate Politics

16 April 2015

Joint Faculty Institute of Graduate Studies (JFIGS) Friday Forum

Hosted by the Passionate Politics Group

Friday May 22


Seminar / Drinks

Front Quad Events Space

Liberty leading the people

The JFIGS Friday Forums are full-day events bringing together UCL staff and students for a lively, interdisciplinary discussion on a topic relevant to the Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences.

This forum is hosted by the Passionate Politics group at UCL, a network of scholars studying the role of affects in interdisciplinary perspective. We invite historians, political theorists, philosophers, anthropologists, economists, scholars of literature, music, and the cognitive sciences, to engage in conversations about key moments in which the political has revealed its affective side. What are the means by which passions are articulated, transmitted, and shared in different media, social and historical situations? What are the modes of mediation for emotions (‘contagion’ and ‘mimicry’, for example), and what is their significance for understanding politics? 

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9:30 -10:00 Coffee/Tea
10:00 -10:20  Introduction to Passionate Politics research group
10:20- 11:30

Emotions in conflict

  • Ophelia Lai - Temporality and Love in the works of Hannah Arendt
  • Katherine Ibbett - Compassion’s Edge: Fellow-feeling and its limits in Early Modern France
  • Leni Diner Dothan - Pieta: the Heterotopia of Bereavement
11:30-11:50 Coffee/Tea

Affective agencies

  • Jo Hodges - Las Meninas: a gateway to understanding why Labour Isn’t Working to the Coalition Isn’t Working in 10 artefacts
  • Dawn Gaietto - Unfixed Consciousness/Positive Unconsciousness
  • Dana Ariel - Blurring a border begins with first light
13:00- 14:00 Lunch provided by JFIGS

Imagining the body politic in space

  • Bharath Ganesh - Politics of the Cipher
  • Maud Craigie - Affected Affect: simulated emotion in non-theatrical environments
  • Jack Reilly - "Educate, Agitate, Organise!": Passion, Resolve, and the Reanimation of Student Politics
15:10-15:40 Coffee/Tea

Passionate citizenship

  • Montserrat Guibernau - Belonging, the nation and political mobilization
  • Manuela Irarrazabal - Approaching Anger and Resentment from Aristotle
  • Andrei Sorescu - The History of Property and the History of the Nation: Character and Contract in Mid-Nineteenth Century Romania

Closing Discussion

17:30-19:00 Wine Reception
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