Lux intelligibilis. What’s in a Metaphor?

13 April 2015

Tuesday May 19


Lecture /  Drinks

Wilkins Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor, Wilkins Building

Mundas Intellectualis

We say ‘I see what you mean’. We speak of the Enlightenment. What is this inner light that helps us think? Who discovered it? What does it do? Why has it inspired for centuries the most pervasive metaphors used to describe how we think?  Why are we heliotropes rather than dung beetles in our quest for knowledge? And what does it matter or, rather, why has it mattered to some people so much that they have become martyrs in its name? And what on earth - or for heaven’s sake? - has it to do with the Renaissance. A passage written in a villa just outside fifteenth-century Florence will, it is hoped, shed some light and clarify all. Part of the Inaugural Lecture Series.

A drinks reception follows in the Wilkins North Cloisters.

Eventbrite - Professor Dilwyn Knox Inaugural Lecture
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