Behold the Sea!

16 April 2015

Tuesday May 19


Behold The Sea

Talk / Concert / Drinks

Wilkins Haldane Room, Wilkins Building

As that "precious stone set in the silver sea", and as a sea-faring nation that became ruler of the waves, Britain has long seen itself in a maritime context. Taking Vaughan Williams' Sea Symphony from 1910 as a temporal, musical and ideological focal point, Annika Lindskog, together with colleagues and alumni from UCL, will take us on a voyage in words and music to explore this relationship between Britain and the Sea in an era when sail would give way to steam, the Titanic would succumb to an iceberg, and the Great War would finally mark irrevocable changes - both on land and at sea. 

A drinks reception follows in the Wilkins North Cloisters.

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