Telling Mother Tongues. Ponglish: Playing with Words

10 April 2014

Thursday May 29


Roberts G08 Sir David Davies Lecture Theatre,  Roberts Building, Malet Place

Two women's legs walking
Photo by Bogdan Frymorgen

The number of migrants and their economic impact are often measured and the figures cited in the media. These numbers miss the human element: the cultural, literary and artistic perspectives of emigration and migration. The eMigrating Landscapes Project, led by Urszula Chowaniec, investigates how language underpins activity after displacement. What happens to the art when an artist relocates? Meet the Poles making art and a home in London. This event is aimed at an English-speaking audience. (Polish and non-Polish speakers welcome.)

Ponglish: Playing with Words

Małgorzata Gryglicka Dawidek will consider the linguistic aspects of migration.

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