Slade Salon Afternoon

10 April 2014

Wednesday May 28


Wilkins North Cloisters, Wilkins Building

Coloured pigment

The Slade School of Fine Art hosts short taster presentations on current research projects, introduced by Susan Colins, Director of the Slade.

The afternoon's programme will include:

Karin Ruggaber & Nick Booth

Karin Ruggaber and Nick Booth discuss  the collaborative pop-up between sculpture students, geologists and Earth Sciences at UCL.

Jo Volley and Gary Woodley discussing the Materials Research Project and Material Museum.

Melanie Jackson on the nut of the sea coconut (Lodoicea maldivica), the largest seed in the plant kingdom and its uncanny resemblance to female human buttocks on one side, and belly and thighs on the other.

Florian Roithmay's short presentation of sounds and conversations recorded at the El Kurru archaeological site, Sudan.

Hayley Newman’s Histoire Economique, frottages taken from banks in the City of London.

Gary Stevens on INSPIRE, a workshop he designed and guided aiming to introduce a variety of media and methods within the framework of institutional art education and encouraging interdisciplinary practice, between the Slade and the University of Dhaka.

Neil Jeffries on his deep interest in medieval art and how the continuing insistence of an awkward figuration fuels his work.

Andrew Stahl discussing the three Monologue Dialogue residencies and exhibitions that have taken place during the last 8 years.

A drinks reception will follow this event at 5pm.

No need to register, just drop in!