Sauna on the Moon (Chang'e), 2011

10 April 2014

Dir. Zou Peng, 95 min. Chinese with English subtitles.

Thursday May 29


Roberts G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre

Sauna on the Moon workers

Zou Peng’s satirical film is a study of the commodification of the female body in modern Guangdong. Set in a sauna/brothel, it delivers some harsh messages about the sex trade (without too much explicit material). Chang’e is the name of the sauna, the goddess who endows her worshippers with beauty, and the spaceship launched by China in 2010. The director Zou Peng and/or the producer (Chen Zhiheng) will be available for Facetime Q&As after the film.

Drinks will be served between the film and the Q&As.

Eventbrite - Sauna on the Moon (Chang’e), 2011