Auschwitz: Awkward Approaches

10 April 2014

Thursday May 29


Roberts G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre, Roberts Building, Malet Place


Over the post-war decades the name Auschwitz became a symbol for the Holocaust. It is often used as a synonym for absolute evil. The question of how Auschwitz should be commemorated and the various ways of instrumentalising this memory remain contested.

This panel explores ‘awkward approaches to Auschwitz’: competition between different victim groups, Auschwitz as a mass tourism destination, grotesque and humorous takes on the Holocaust, entertaining and compelling depictions of the violence as well as other awkwardly human responses to the Nazi past.

This session will facilitate a discussion about fundamental questions: how to deal with the violent legacies of the Holocaust, changes in the modes of memorialisation over time, and the reverberations of the Nazi past in European politics and culture in general.

Organised by the interdisciplinary research group ‘Reverberations of the Second World War in Europe’ based at UCL and directed by Mary Fulbrook and Stephanie Bird. The panel includes presentations by Mary Fulbrook, Christiane Wienand, Julia Wagner and Gaelle Fisher.

A sandwich lunch will be served at 1pm.

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