10 Researchers | 10 Objects | 100 Hours

10 April 2014

Friday May 30


Roberts G08, Sir David Davies Lecture Theatre, Roberts Building, Malet Place

Unknown object

Take a look at an everyday object with new eyes, by hearing what Leonie Hannan & Kate Smith have learned from anthropologists, literary scholars, historians, and performance artists who have been involved with the 100 Hours project.

In this session, participants will be introduced to different perspectives on objects and to different ways of looking at them using a variety of  techniques.

100 Hours is an interdisciplinary project which over one year will use innovative and collaborative methods to realise new research directions for the study of material things in contemporary and historical society. The 100 Hours research team will focus closely and individually on a selection of objects – chosen from UCL Museum collections – and through discussions with specialists will create a series of innovative research ‘responses’.

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