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You Must Read This Book!

Our keynote event for the 2014 and 2015 festivals, You Must Read This Book! saw eight academics from across the faculties of Arts & Humanities and Social & Historical Sciences pitch the book they felt the audience simply must read.

Each panellist had just 5 minutes to make their case and persuade the audience to vote for their choice of book as the winner. 

The winning academic was announced at a drinks reception, whilst a prize draw also took place for audience members to win a copy of the book they voted for. Learn more about our participants and hear their pitches below.


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2015 Provost's Introduction

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Books & Individual Pitches

The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers
Pitched by: Iain

The Riddle of the Sands - Erskine ChildersSoundcloud logo

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Dom Casmurro by Machado de Assis
Pitched by: Ana Claudia Suriani da Silva

Dom Casmurro - Machado de AssisSoundcloud logo

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On Snooker by Mordecai Richler
Pitched by: Michael Berkowitz

On Snooker - Mordecai RichlerSoundcloud logo

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The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro
Pitched by: Samantha Rayner

The Buried Giant - Kazuo IshiguriSoundcloud logo

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The Divine Comedy by Dante
Pitched by: John Took

The Divine Comedy - DanteSoundcloud logo

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Egil's Saga (also known as Egla)
Pitched by: Erin Goeres

Egil's SagaSoundcloud logo

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My Wounded Heart by Martin Doerry
Pitched by: Julia Wagner

My Wounded Heart - Martin DoerrySoundcloud logo

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Here by Richard McGuire (Illustration + Words)
Pitched by: Nick Shepley

Here - Richard McGuireSoundcloud logo

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2015 Winner: Nick Shepley

2014 Provost's Introduction

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Books & Individual Pitches

Pan Tadeusz (Sir Thaddeus) by Adam Mickiewicz
Pitched by: Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski

Pan Tadeusz - Adam MickiewiczSoundcloud logo

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Thoughts & Sentiments of the Evils of Slavery by Quobna Cugoana
Pitched by: Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman

Thoughts and Sentiments on the Evil of Slavery - Quobna Ottobah CugoanoSoundcloud logo

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Children's & Household Tales by Jacob and Wilheim Grimm
Pitched by: Mererid Puw Davies

Children's & Household Tales - Jacob and Wilheim GrimmSoundcloud logo

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A Posthumous Confession by Marcellus Emants
Pitched by: Jane Fenoulhet

A Posthumous Confession - Marcellus EmantsSoundcloud logo

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The Seventh Well by Fred Wander
Pitched by: Lars Fischer

The Seventh Well - Fred WanderSoundcloud logo

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Mrs Bathurst by  Rudyard Kipling
Pitched by: Philip Horne

Mrs Bathurst - Rudyard KiplingSoundcloud logo

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The Cave by Jose Saramago
Pitched by: Tim Mathews

The Cave - Jose SaramagoSoundcloud logo

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Le Chant Du Monde by Jean Giono
Pip Stephenson

Le Chant Du Monde - Jean GionoNo audio icon

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2014 Winner: Mererid Puw Davies