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Read more about some of this year's events and the world-class academics behind them.

Cicero on Stage Amid Women

Gesine Manuwald is Professor of Latin at UCL's Department of Greek & Latin. At this year's Festival of Culture, she will present a talk on 'Cicero on Stage Amid Women', which focuses on theatrical representations of Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero from the 16th century and later periods. Here, Gesine explains more about her research and what the audience can expect from the lecture.

"I've discovered more than 60 dramas in which Cicero is a character between 1574 and 2017, most recently the Robert Harris remake that's just been staged in Stratford. Cicero is very well known to the audience, but this part of his reception is not well known, and it's interesting because it tells us about how Cicero was perceived in different times, as well as about the times in which these plays were written. Read more...

Magic and Medieval Literature

Dr Marilyn Corrie is a lecturer in UCL's English department. At this year's Festival of Culture she will present a talk on 'Magic and Medieval Literature', which will focus on magic and religion in the Middle Ages. Here, Marilyn talks more about her event and what audiences can expect from her seminar.

"I'm going to be talking about pagans, magic and medieval literature, based on my book that I am currently writing. It looks at the interaction of the medieval world with the classical world, in particular the ways in which writers of medieval literature engaged with ideas about the pagans of the Roman Empire and reapplied those ideas to the enemies of the Christian faith from the 11th century onwards. I'm interested particularly in some of the very earliest French literature - I work in the English department but my research is very much about French literature as well as English literature - and the engagement of that literature with classical literature, and the civilisation of classical antiquity. Read more...