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Cultural interaction in Europe in the period of classical antiquity

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm, 07 June 2019

Cultural interaction in Europe in the period of classical antiquity

Linked to the anniversary of the introduction of the Euro, which symbolizes a further stage in the ‘European project’, this talk will discuss cultural interactions in ancient Europe, especially between Greece and Rome in the classical period.

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It will explore the situation that the first ‘Roman’ poets, who were not Roman nationals, adopted elements of Greek literature and transformed them into something that was comprehensible, relevant and interesting to a Roman audience, and then consider how Roman literature and culture was spread over most of Europe with the expansion of the Roman empire. This will provide the basis for some reflection on the extent to which these developments in the ancient world can be illuminating for the present when the concept of ‘Europe’ is much discussed.

Gesine Manuwald is Professor of Latin and currently Head of UCL's Department of Greek and Latin. Teaching of Classics began at UCL in 1828, and the department offers a variety of interdisciplinary Undergraduate and Graduate degree programmes in classical literature, culture and history.

Image: © Mosaic portrait of Quintus Ennius

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