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Data model [table]

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Tool requirements
(D4 - Classification structure and data model)

Data management tool FATHUM is written in Visual C++. It uses an Access database to store the data schema and act as repository. The Microsoft Data Access Component provides a layer of abstraction between the program and database. The MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class) libraries are used to combine a degree of rapid development along with good performance.

The tool runs in a MS Windows environment and provides data entry, browsing, searching and data export facilities. It uses an embedded Internet Explorer object to browse the database.

An Apache web server is employed to browse the database using PHP scripts. The scripts are accessed by the Internet Explorer object to provide the facet browsing and searching functions.

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Editing interface

Page 1: Core classification data editing



Page 2: Classification search terms


Browsing hierarchy. Browsing hierarchy has attached the HTML export function. The example hierarchy shown below
generates the following html file.


Facet maintenance tool for root categories. Allows to specify/define/change general facet categories that become inherited by subclasses.



Data import

Data import is a two stage process, based on two data files. The first classification data is a tagged text file specifying fields such as
heading, caption, heading type, examples and references (full text file available for project partners). The second file is automatically
generated from the classification data file (text file for project partners). It details classmark relationships as a 'tree' with each class
level tab-indented. This allows broader and narrower categories to be automatically deduced and a hierarchical structure within the
facets created. This structure is then populated from the classification data file and written to the database.



Broad Classification
Common Auxiliaries
Humanities vocabulary
FAT-HUM system diagram
Classification system structure
Database search/browse
Database tool prototype