Project Internal Documents



D1 - Project Handbook
D2 - Project Work Plan
D3 - Arts & Humanities IR Portal Requirements
D4 - Classification structure and data model
D5 - Vocabulary database design

Data model
Entity Relationship Diagram
Database tool

D6 - Initial Knowledge Structure

Broad classification - outline
Broad classification - full schedules

Religion (outline)

D7 - Prototype implementation (not written deliverable)
D8 - Indexing Guidelines (included in D4, chapter 2)
D9 - Metadata population using initial knowledge structure (not written deliverable)
D10 - Testing and evaluation plan
D11 - Evaluation and report (included in project D15 Final report)
D12 - Vocabulary refinement and extension for one further discipline
(not written deliverable)

Common auxiliaries - outline

Religion (full schedules)
The Arts - outline
Visual Arts developed schedules (see plain text)

Complete classification database import file (639065 bytes)
Complete classification database hierarchy file (241345 bytes)

Mapping file (8916 bytes)


D13 - Metadata population using one further discipline (not written deliverable)
D14 -Project Dissemination Plan
D15 - Project Final Report

Reports SLAIS:MR_April2002 | MR_May2002 | MR_June2002 |
MR_July2002 | MR_August2002 | MR_September2002 |




01 - 2002-05-20 Agenda -Presentation - Minutes
02 - 2002-06-17 Agenda - Presentation - Minutes

Team Kick-Off Meeetings 11-12 June 2002 (Minutes)

Project Management

01 - 2002-06-19 Agenda - Presentation - Minutes
02 - 2002-10-22 Agenda - Presentation - Minutes




Monthly reports: Monthly Reporting Form
Meeting minutes
Meeting agenda












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