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Dr Bendetto De Martino

Dr Bendetto De Martino

Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience

Department : Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

Faculty : Faculty of Brain Sciences

Address : G01 GROUND FLOOR

Languages spoken fluently (other than English) : None specified

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Economic theories depict humans as fundamentally rational creatures that are always able to evaluate all the options before choosing the best one. I am investigating how emotions and cognitive limitations have a profound effect on how the brain assigns a value to the options available. My research question is to understand how the brain constructs preferences and how our emotional state and cognitive limitations dynamically shape this process.

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Personal web address: http://web.me.com/bendemartino/Site/Home.html

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1) California Institute of Technology 1200 E California Blvd Pasadena
2) Dept of Psychology, UCL 26 Bedford Way, London. WC1H 0AP

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