Experimental and Translational Medicine


Clinical Research Facility

The department benefits from a newly refurbished Clinical Research Facility

Clinical Research Facility

The facility includes Laser Doppler for scanning sites of local experimentally induced inflammation as a quantitative marker of vascular hyper reactivity; two beds; four negative pressure pumps for the purpose of eliciting skin blisters; approved drugs cabinet; heart/blood pressure monitor and a TV system to occupy volunteers during procedures.

In addition to blistering as a means of acquiring immune cells for analysis by polychromatic flow cytometer (Spectral Flow), RNAseq etc, there is expertise in skin biopsies that maybe subjected to a wide array of analytic techniques including spatial transcriptomics, multiplex imaging etc.

There is expertise in establishing models of:

  • Acute, specific immunity
  • Acute, non-specific inflammation
  • Acute, T cell driven immunity.
  • Wound healing