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(( Website Overview ))

This website has been created to provide further information to those seeking it about the coming expedition to the Tian Shan mountain range. There is currently online a PDF brief containing all the detailed information about the trip itself, and a few examples of the photos we have taken of different parts of the world to give you a feel of what we are looking to capture from the area. There is also a map section where you can have a detailed look at the terrain around the Tian Shan, and of course its global location. Finally there is a links section where you can find pages which we have used for information. Use the navigation bar at the top to move around.

For further information do feel free to contact any member of the team with the above e-mail addresses.

(( Expedition Brief ))

We have put together a detailed brief on the expediton. The files are in PDF format, and can be read with any standard reader, such as Adobe Acrobat, which can be downloaded here. There are two versions; a high quality one with a detailed map of the Karakol area and a low quality file for those with slower connections. If you have trouble opening the files, try the lower quality version as it is more compatible with readers.

High Quality File (3.5mb)

Low Quality File (1.6mb)

(( Photos ))

Here is a collection of photos from our previous travels:

(( Maps ))

The following images are very detailed maps of the Kyrgystan region and therefore very big. Care should be taken as they are fairly out of date. (Linked to an external website)

(( Links ))

Further information about Central Asia in general can be found at the following websites:

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