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Sapelli is a new mobile data collection and sharing platform designed with a particular focus on non-literate and illiterate users with little or no prior ICT experience. Sapelli aims to provide indigenous people with tools that empower them to take action to protect their local environment and way of life. The open-source platform plays a central role in ExCiteS’ mission – which is to develop theories, tools and methodologies to enable any community, anywhere to engage in citizen science.

Sapelli in use

What differentiates Sapelli from other data collection apps

  • the Sapelli Android app offers pictorial decision trees and icon-driven interfaces;
  • the decision tree structure and images can easily be changed;
  • data is transferred either by binary, compressed SMS messages or by HTTP (over cellular or Wi-Fi networks);

Try it out

You can download the latest publicly released version at the Google Play store (just search for "Sapelli").

Alternatively you can always get the latest (beta) version from our GitHub releases page (download the APK file to your Android device).

If you need a project to test the app, please download the following:

Example project file (Transport Demo v2.3)

QR code Transport Demo
  • To use simply copy the SAP file to your phone, load into Sapelli or scan QR code above from within the app & hit "Run project".
  • To modify: open as a ZIP file and edit PROJECT.xml.
  • For the XML format specification and further documentation please go to: http://wiki.sapelli.org.
  • For a guide on how to transmit Sapelli data to GeoKey, please click here.

Join us

Sapelli is an open source project and we welcome contributors to help us develop it further. Find us on GitHub: https://github.com/ExCiteS/Sapelli


For more information about this project you can contact
Michalis Vitose-mail: michalis [dot] vitos [dot] 11 [at] ucl [dot] ac [dot] uk
Julia Altenbuchnere-mail: julia [dot] altenbuchner [dot] 11 [at] ucl [dot] ac [dot] uk