Oliver Roick

Oliver received his Diploma in Geography from University of Jena in 2008. The following five years he has been working as a Research Assistant at University of Jena and Heidelberg University. In September 2013 he joined Extreme Citizen Science Research Group as Senior Developer.

Oliver is mainly involved in the development of a web-based open platform for participatory mapping. Eventually, the platform allows for storing, accessing and managing geographic information that originate from different data sources, including for example, mobile applications or social media streams.

He is interested in different aspects of Volunteered Geographic Information, including its exploitation, visualisation and management using web-based geographic information systems and mobile applications.


Web-based and mobile GIS, collaborative and participatory mapping, location-based services

Contact Details

e-mail: o [dot] roick [at] ucl [dot] ac [dot] uk

Twitter: @oliverroick


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