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Dr Vyron Antoniou

Vyron (Byron) Antoniou is a Major serving in the Hellenic Military Geographical Service, where he is head of the Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Department. He has studied Surveying and Rural Engineering at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA, Greece) graduating first among his peers. He also holds an MSc in Geoinformation from NTUA.

In 2011 he was awarded a PhD from UCL (UK) in Geomatics. His research focused on the analysis of the phenomenon of user generated spatial content and its challenges for mapping agencies. Research was made on the quality of the data generated, the behavior of the users and the spatial dimension of the phenomenon.

His research interests are in GIS, spatial databases, spatial analysis, Web mapping applications, VGI, spatial data quality, OGC specifications, ISO standards, XML technologies and Web 2.0 technologies.


VGI, spatial databases, spatial data quality, Web mapping, Web 2.0

Contact Details

e-mail: v.antoniou@ucl.ac.uk

Tel: +30 6972771938

Journal Publications:

  • Antoniou, V., Tsoulos, L., 2006. The potential of XML encoding in geomatics converting raster images to XML and SVG. Computers & Geosciences, 32 (2), pp.184-194.
  • Antoniou, V., Morley, J. and Haklay, M.M., 2009. Tiled Vectors: A Method for Vector Transmission over the Web. In J. D. Carswell, A. S. Fotheringham, & G. McArdle Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer, pp. 56-71.
  • Antoniou, V., Haklay, M. and Morley, J., 2010. Web 2.0 Geotagged Photos: Assessing the Spatial Dimension of the Phenomenon. Geomatica (Special issue on VGI), 64(1), pp. 99-110.
  • Haklay, M., Basiouka, S., Antoniou, V. and Ather, A., 2010. How Many Volunteers Does It Take To Map An Area Well? The validity of Linus‟ law to Volunteered Geographic Information. The Cartographic Journal, 47(4), pp. 315-322.
  • Antoniou, V., 2011. User Generated Spatial Content: An Analysis of the Phenomenon and Its Challenges for Mapping Agencies. University College London (UCL): London, UK

Peer-Reviewed Conference Publications:

  • Antoniou B. , Tsoulos L., 2004. Converting raster images to XML and SVG. 3rd Annual Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics, Tokyo, Japan.
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