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Dr Claire Ellul

Claire Ellul

Dr. Claire Ellul is a lecturer in Geographic Information Science (GIS) in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, UCL. Her principle research interests include spatial data infrastructures - combining spatial databases and data management and maximising data availability, use and reuse - particularly in the context of interdisciplinary academic projects. She is also researching methods to facilitate the teaching of GIS to users in disciplines where it is not commonly employed as a tool. As a lecturer on the MSc in Geographic Information Science, she focusses on the principles of GIS, spatial databases and web and mobile GIS.

Contact Details:

e-mail: c.ellul@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Claire Ellul

Dr Claire Ellul



Room 110
Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
University College London, Gower Street


  • Reader in Geographical Information Science
    Dept of Civil, Environ &Geomatic Eng
    Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL


Research Themes

My research interests include 3D GIS, spatial databases, big data performance optimization and approaches for handling large quantities of spatial data. . I am also involved in a number of Spatial Data Infrastructures projects (http:// projectsecoa.eu), seeking to identify the most suitable mechanisms curate data and to share data amongst academic staff in an interdisciplinary, multi-national context. As part of this, I am investigating approaches to building usable systems to facilitate data discovery and evaluation, as well as to ensure metadata capture and maintenance processes are integrated into data manipulation tasks.

Award year Qualification Institution
1998 MSc
Master of Science
Geographic and Geodetic Inforamtion Systems
University College London
1992 BEng
Bachelor of Engineering
Electrical Engineering
University of Malta

After graduating as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer from the Univesity of Malta, I immediately moved into the world of Geographical Information Systems, working internationally as a consultant, programmer and systems and data integrator for 10 years.  I returned to academia temporarily in 1997 to complete an MSc in GIS at UCL, and commenced my PhD at UCL in 2003. 

Following the PhD (which focussed on improving performance of 3D GIS analysis), I worked on two part-time post-docs, looking at developing systems for Community Engagement using Web Mapping and also at creating maps of fear of crime to support research into social excusion.  I stated work as a lecturer at UCL in January 2010.