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Curator Tour of 'Hidden in Plain Sight: Liberating our Library Collections' - 2.30pm

03 October 2023, 2:30 pm–3:30 pm

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Take a guided tour of our UCL Main Library's public exhibition 'Hidden in Plain Sight: Liberating our Library Collections' - led by one of the curators of the Collection.

This event is free.

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Outside of the Main Library
UCL Main Library
Gower Street
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Hidden in Plain Sight: Liberating our Library Collections is UCL Library Services' 2023 public exhibition featuring rare books, archives, and items from our circulating collections. The exhibition celebrates work done to discover, record, and celebrate the diverse voices in our collections.

As an institution, UCL has been very public about its commitment to addressing issues  around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for some years. It is in this spirit that the Library Liberating The Collections Steering Group (LLTC) was set up in July 2020 to plan, monitor and oversee our Library Services work in this area. Our Liberating the Collections exhibition and tour are a major outcome of this work. Through the LLTC projects, exhibition and tour, we are realising our commitment to uncovering the hugely diverse material within our existing collections, enabling us to give a voice to those who have been historically less visible.

For more background information on this work, read the blog Hidden in Plain Sight: Why Liberating our Collections matters, by Rozz Evans, Head of Collection Strategy and co-chair of the LLTC Steering Group. 

During the tour, you'll get a chance to learn more about the items on display, the projects that brought them to light, and our future plans for the Liberating the Collections initiative.

Please note that, unfortunately, the exhibition is stair access only. If you'd like to see a video tour, please check out the library exhibition's webpage.

About the Speaker

Tabitha Tuckett

Rare Books Librarian for UCL Special Collections and one of the curators of "Hidden in Plain Sight" at UCL