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What role do local communities play in research?

24 May 2022, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

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​​​​​​​In this lecture our speakers will discuss the role of local communities in academic research.

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About the Lecture: 
Dr Joe Penny will discuss his work researching the Local State’s response to the housing crisis with and for London tenants and Aude Vuilliomenet will share her experiences of working with communities in gardening activities and why collaborating with local organisations is essential for delivering her research. Dr Leah Lovett will share her experiences of developing partnerships with youth organisations including LBN Youth Empowerment and the Young V&A (formerly the V&A Museum of Childhood), and how the resulting collaborations have informed research into the uses of novel technologies for spatial storytelling. Joseph Cook will then explore the role of communities in ethnography, in particular how ethnographers can research with communities rather than on them, and will also highlight opportunities for community engagement that have stemmed out of the recent UCL Urban Lab Walks series he led throughout East London.

With UCL preparing to launch a new campus on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford in east London, this lunch hour lecture series brings together speakers to discuss some of the research that will be taking place at our UCL East campus, which will begin opening from September 2022, offering exciting new degrees in cutting edge new UCL schools and centres.

About the Speakers

Dr Joe Penny

Lecturer in Global Urbanism at UCL Urban Laboratory

Dr Joe Penny is a lecturer in Global Urbanism at the UCL Urban Laboratory. He has previously worked at Queen Mary University of London and the New Economics Foundation. He is currently researching the emergence of council-owned housing development companies with the London Tenants Federation and Just Space.

Dr Leah Lovett

Artist and Research Fellow at The Bartlett Centre of Advanced Spatial Analysis

Leah Lovett is an artist and Research Fellow, exploring the uses of novel digital technologies to tell stories that connect people with their environment. She holds a PhD in urban performance and social arts practices from the Slade School of Fine Art, and takes a lead on impact, engagement and outreach activities for The Bartlett Centre of Advanced Spatial Analysis.

Aude Vuilliomenet

PhD Student at Connected Environments Lab at The Bartlett CASA

Aude Vuilliomenet is a PhD Student in the Connected Environments Lab at The Bartlett CASA. Her PhD researches what roles internet-connected devices play in managing urban green spaces and monitoring their biodiversity. 

Joseph Cook

PhD student at Anthropology at UCL

Joseph Cook is a PhD student in Anthropology at UCL, and a research assistant at UCL’s Urban Laboratory. His doctoral work focuses on the office and the measurement of work in contemporary London, having conducted a long-term ethnographic study centred around East London.