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What is the carbon footprint of your clothes?

30 November 2021, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

G1 - fashion model

In this lunch hour lecture our speakers will assess the carbon footprint of fashion and look at ways to extend the lifetime of our clothes.

This event is free.

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About the lecture:
Teresa Domenech Aparisi will use evidence to assess the carbon footprint of fashion, address why fast fashion is problematic and identify ways to decarbonise your wardrobe. Following on from this, Jo Hale will look at ways to extend the lifetime of our clothes (reuse, repair and repurpose), including presenting research into barriers and enablers on these behaviours, and strategies for changing behaviour.

This event is part of UCL’s climate campaign ‘Generation One’.  Together we are the new generation taking responsibility for climate action and turning science into actionable ideas. Join our new era of climate action at ucl.ac.uk/generation-one

Please note that this lecture is taking place online only and we will circulate a link to join the event in good time beforehand.

About the Speakers

Teresa Domenech

Associate Professor in Industrial Ecology and the Circular Economy at UCL

Teresa Domenech is Associate Professor in Industrial Ecology and the Circular Economy and founder director of the UCL Circular Economy Lab and the UCL Plastic Innovation Hub. She has contributed to leading international research in the areas of sustainable industrial development, decarbonisation pathways and the circular economy. Her expertise covers resource and energy implications of the textile and fashion textiles sector. 

Dr Jo Hale

Senior Research Associate at UCL Centre for Behaviour Change

Dr Jo Hale is a Senior Research Associate at the UCL Centre for Behaviour change. She leads behaviour change research for environmental sustainability, with a focus on complex systems. Her projects have looked at urban climate mitigation, sustainable fashion, decarbonising homes, and systems of waste and recycling. She has worked with Welsh Government, BEIS, Defra and think tank Policy Connect.