Event Ticketing


About UCL event ticketing

UCL Event Ticketing provide a customer booking system for paid and free events across University College London.

We manage all details of event set-up, sales and income reconciliation. Customers can book on the internet, by telephone and in person.

We offer two services to event organisers, Advance Booking and Door Sales. 

Also see below the event details we'd need before setting up an event, the limitations on our service.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how UCL Event Ticketing can help with your event.

Advance Booking

Complete advance booking system to allow customers to buy ahead of your event. This includes the collection of income and customer details. We will supply you with full reporting on bookings by email. Following your event we will make settlement of income to you by MyFinance IDT payment.

  • Booking and allocation of places to your event
  • Booking online, by telephone, by post and in person (at 15 Gordon Street)
  • Orders by card, cash, cheque and IDT
  • Email confirmation sent to booker
  • Booking reports in advance of your event sent daily by email
  • Full list of bookers on the day of your event sent to you by email
  • If required, settlement of any due income after the event date by MyFinance IDT to the PTAE code you provide (see Worked financial example below)

The above is provided at a small percentage of income. For free events this service is free.

Door Sales

For events that require a door sales or ticket collection service in addition to Advance Booking we can also provide a Door Sales service with our staff at your venue from one hour before your event. This includes:

  • Ticket delivery by post for advance booking (if required)
  • A member of the UCL Event Ticketing team at the venue with sales equipment
  • A sales service at the venue including receipt of card and cash payments
  • Issuing of hard copy UCL branded tickets to attendees collecting 'on the door' (if required)

The additional door sales service is provided from £60 per event depending on your requirements.

Event details we need

To set up your event with UCL Event Ticketing we require the following information.

  • Event title
  • Event date/time
  • Event venue (including full address)
  • Bookable capacity for your event
  • Whether your event requires hard copy tickets
  • Cost to attend including any discounts (note Worked financial example below)
  • Information on the type of event
  • Confirmation whether the the event is primarily educational and exempt from VAT
  • UCL MyFinance PTAE code for event income

For Door Sales we will require the following in one location at the venue on the date of the event:

  • A table/desk and chair for our ticketing system (laptop, ticket printer, card reader) and member of staff 
  • Good Wi-Fi access or a free UCL Desktop network port 
  • Mains power
  • A member of your team in attendance at all times we are at the venue 

If you choose to use our Door Sales service we will arrange to meet with you in advance of the event to confirm the above details.

Limitations of service

Whilst we hope your event goes well, things don't always go to plan. Here are some things to clarify the scope of this service.

  • By providing this service we are not in any way managing or marketing your event.
  • Should at any time a customer for your event initiate a charge-back of funds on their purchase for your event, we will pass on any processing charges incurred.  
  • Should your event be cancelled or materially change (a material change would include change of published date, time, venue or content) we are obliged by law to offer your customers a refund on their booking. This would involve extra costs for us and should this happen we will seek to recover reasonable costs from you.
  • In the above instance, should any claims for lost travel and accommodation expenses be made by customers for your event the responsibility to negotiate these with the customer is yours.
  • All bookings are subject to our published terms and conditions

Setting up your event

Get in touch if you would like more information on how UCL Event Ticketing can help with your event. 

When you are ready for us to commence booking your event complete our setup form (link below) to confirm details of the event and venue.

Event set-up form