Our award-winning researchers and more than 100 PhD students a year are responsible for a vibrant array of cutting-edge research.

In any given year, SELCS/CMII academic staff and research associates supervise more than 100 postgraduate research (PhD) students.

Themes we examine include:

  • colonialism and postcolonialism
  • cultural history
  • digital humanities
  • film
  • visual art
  • gender
  • queer theory and gay studies
  • women's writing
  • feminist theory
  • language and language learning
  • translation studies
  • linguistics
  • literature
  • history
  • history of analytical psychology and psychoanalysis
  • intellectual history
  • literary criticism
  • manuscript studies and book history
  • memory, national identity, politics and political philosophy
  • travel writing

Range of Languages and Geographical Regions

Our Research covers Dutch (including Flemish), French, Dutch-speaking, Francophone and Hispanophone Caribbean, German (including Austrian), Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Old Norse and Icelandic.

The teaching and research interests of our staff embrace Western Europe and regions in which languages originating from Western Europe are spoken, for example Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Maghreb.

UCL Foster Court


Our research centres bring together 11 languages with many different disciplines – contributing to a global understanding of languages and cultures.


Research Students

Our PhD/MPhil students explore specialist subjects across our vast areas of expertise, providing a detailed look at topics that span languages, culture and global issues.

Research publications

Awards and Projects

Find out more about some of the current research projects that have been awarded funding – ranging from Copernicus’s Library to Colonial Film.


Groups, Partners & Networks

An overview of our research groups, partners and networks that add depth and expertise to our research interests, including collaborations with local and international institutions.