Italian Student Stories



'I would be willing to bet that there are few departments at UCL as nice as the Italian department.'




'Italian is very often not the compulsory language that a company asks for. But precisely because it is not so commonly taken as a degree, there is a demand in the market.'




'Studying Italian at UCL and going on your year abroad in Italy is life-changing in so many ways you'd be surprised. I am so happy I chose to study this course at UCL.'




'The reason I chose the course in the first place is that it's so varied: I love the fact that I can be studying Medieval Italian love poetry in one lecture, and post-war cinema in the next.'




'The Italian department is like a huge family. Every time I look back, I can't help thinking of the nice people I met in the Italian department.'




'Don't be afraid! A whole new language can seem daunting it first, but it's the most rewarding thing I have ever embarked upon.'




'The Italian department has had some of the best teachers and lecturers I've had in my education. I feel very privileged to have had so many lecturers who not only know their subjects inside-out, but also enjoy helping students learn.'




'I didn't go to university at the "normal" age, and assumed I had missed my chance. Three months later I was sitting in my first lecture, by far the oldest of the new first-years. Thus started perhaps the most interesting four years of my life.'