Degrees with Scandinavian Studies

A degree in Scandinavian Studies, Icelandic, or Viking and Old Norse Studies makes you stand out from the crowd!

Scandinavian Studies at UCL

We are one of only two departments in the UK to offer degree-level study of the Nordic region and the only university department in England to offer Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Modern Icelandic and Old Norse to Honours level, as well as a wide range of modules on the history and culture of the Nordic region.

Range of Specialisms and Courses

Our language courses are intense and engaging, taught in small groups by experienced language pedagogues using a wide range of materials and topics, and our cultural and historical courses are designed to give both broad coverage of disciplines and topics as well as in-depth critical exposure and analysis. 
Our teaching and research interests encompass history, politics, literature, translation, cinema, material culture, music and language in Scandinavia from medieval times to the present day. We organise regular events for students and for the public, on topics ranging from Viking love poetry to Nordic Noir crime fiction.

Innovative Teaching

Learn three Scandinavian languages for the price of one! Our language tutors work together to teach students of the three mainland Scandinavian languages how to speak to each other in their respective languages. Joint classes in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish ensure that students learn how to communicate across the Scandinavian region. 
Learning outside the classroom. We try to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by our London location. As part of our 'Vikings and Material Cultures' module, we take students on study trips to the British Museum, the Museum of London and Senate House Library. We hold language classes in the UCL Art Museum and participate in events at the various Nordic Embassies, including book launches and author visits.

Connections and Collaborations

We have close ties with the Nordic Embassies in London, allowing our students unique access to Embassy events such as author visits, academic conferences and social gatherings. We are also home to Norvik Press, the UK's only press specialising in Nordic literature and culture, and to the Viking Society for Northern Research, the world's foremost learned society in the field of medieval Scandinavian studies.

A single-subject degree

Degree combining two modern languages

Degrees combining a Scandinavian language and another subject

You can also take Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian or Swedish with the following degrees: