CNaVT (Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal): Enrolment now open

3 March 2023

UCL Dutch is hosting the Certificaat Nederlands als Dreamed Taal (CNaVT) exams in May 2023 (1-15 May). Deadline for enrolment is 10 March 2023.

These exams are set and marked by an external institution, under the auspices of the Nederlandse Taalunie. They are open to both UCL students and Dutch language learners from outside the college, who would like to obtain an official qualification.

What is it?

The exams cater for different language levels and areas of interest; they cover all skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and are quite extensive. If you pass, you receive a certificate that is widely recognised by Dutch and Flemish organisations and educational institutions. The exam is offered on five levels / domains, based on the CEFR levels (Common European Framework for Languages).


INFO: maatschappelijk informeel; tourist and informal profile = CEFR level A2 (suitable for UCL BA Dutch first year)
FORM: maatschappelijk formeel; more formal social profile =  CEFR level B1 (very manageable for UCL BA Dutch second year)
PROF: zakelijk professioneel; professional profile = CEFR level B2 (challenging but attainable for UCL BA Dutch second year)
STRT: educatief startbekwaam; intermediate educational level =  CEFR level B2 (challenging but attainable for UCL BA Dutch second year)
EDUP: educatief professioneel; advanced educational level =  CEFR LEVEL C1 (UCL BA Dutch final year)

More information in English can be found on the CNaVT website, where you can also access sample exams. Rules and regulations (in Dutch only):



How to enrol 

Deadline for enrolment is 10 March 2023, and you can enrol online. Follow the steps on https://cnavt.org/inschrijven. You can also find a detailed manual attached should you get stuck. UCL students and alumni should use the code 5C61727C to indicate you are UCL internal candidates.


There is a fee of £125 for UCL students and alumni (this also includes CLIE students; institution code: 5C61727C that needs to be paid before 10/03/2023 via the UCL online store. Price for non-UCL candidates is £150. 

Dates of exams

We will organise the dates at the end of March, when the UCL exam table has been announced, so we can work around it. For reasons of fairness, all people taking the same level need to take the exam at the same time. In order to accommodate the growing number of younger candidates taking the STRT educatief startbekwaam (B2) exam, that exam will take place on either Saturday 6/5 or 13/5 at UCL.
Please don't hesitate to contact Christine Sas if you have any questions, the exam is open to anybody with an interest in getting a qualification in Dutch. Please note, if they are from outside the college, they cannot use the code above, and pay a slightly higher fee.