Contemporary French and Scandinavian Crime Fiction by Anne Grydehøj

10 May 2021

Contemporary French and Scandinavian Crime Fiction citizenship, gender and ethnicity

This book offers comparative and interdisciplinary readings of Scandinavian and French crime fiction from 1965 to the present day. Twelve literary case studies examine how crime fictions in the respective contexts have responded to shifting social realities, which have in turn played a part in transforming the generic codes and conventions of the crime novel. At the centre of the book’s analysis is crime fiction’s negotiation of the French model of Republican universalism and the Scandinavian welfare state, both of which were routinely characterised as being in a state of crisis at the end of the twentieth century. Whereas crime fiction studies often takes a nation-centred approach to the texts, one of this study’s main goals is to discover new perspectives through the comparison of crime fiction traditions from two different contexts. The discoveries give details of both similarities and divergences – not to reinforce the notion of the nation, but rather in order to establish how the literary examples contribute to, accentuate and contest the wider discursive configurations underpinning the respective cultural settings of France and Scandinavia. The book investigates the interplay between contemporary Scandinavian and French crime narratives, considering their engagement with the relationship of the state and the citizen, and notably with identity issues (class, gender, sexuality and ethnicity in particular).

Anne Grydehøj is Lecturer in the Department of Scandinavian Studies at UCL, where she teaches Danish language and culture. She has authored numerous articles on Scandinavian crime fiction. This volume will be published in June 2021.

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Contemporary French and Scandinavian Crime Fiction: citizenship, gender and ethnicity – Anne Grydehøj – HB – 9781786837189 – £65
Contemporary French and Scandinavian Crime Fiction: citizenship, gender and ethnicity – Anne Grydehøj - eBook format – 9781786837196 – £30