Maya Saengkrachang, our Year 2 student, is shortlisted for the UN Millennium Fellowship programme

2 February 2021

Maya Saengkrachang

We are excited to announce that one of our Year 2 students, Maya Saengkrachang (BA Comparative Literature), has been shortlisted for the UN Millennium Fellowship programme.

Here is what Maya has to say:

The Millennium Fellowship is a United Nations Academic Impact and Millennium Campus Network initiative which aims to provide direct support to students in order to increase their potential to create positive social impact, providing them with resources and leadership, as well as the chance to network and collaborate with like-minded students. In order to apply to be a Millennium Fellow, an application must be made detailing the projects you are part of – I wrote about the work that the UCL Data Analytics for Social Impact Society does in providing free data consultation to NGOs in order to increase their efficacy. The Millennium Fellowship is about collaboration in order to help solve world-wide crises, from people’s access to education to the conservation of the earth. So, I would urge students who have an interest in increasing their social impact to join, as a number of students from each institution are selected. Good luck!