Health Humanities regular events

10 June 2019

Regular Events

Double-injected thick section of kidney. Spike Walker, Wellcome Images


History of Psychological Disciplines Seminar 

The History of Psychological Disciplines seminar, sponsored by the British Psychological Society, aims to foster a historical approach to the psychological disciplines, as well as providing opportunities for dialogue between historians and psychologists. It meets roughly every two weeks in term time. 

London Bioethics Colloquium

The London Bioethics Colloquium colloquium meets on the first Monday of the month, 4:00 – 5:30 pm, with the possibility to go for drinks afterwards. Topics range from traditional questions in medical ethics and law to ethical issues in the design of health systems at the national and global level (public health ethics / global health ethics). Two sessions per term, alternating between UCL and KCL.

Social Values and Health Priority Setting

A few times a term (often on a Friday lunchtime), the UCL/KCL Social Values Group meet to explore -- through case studies and papers -- how Social Values are, and ought to be, reflected in healthcare priority setting.