Dr Emre Kazim & Mr Adriano Koshiyama (UCL), ‘Are the algorithms taking over?! AI ethics & language'

07 December 2020, 6:00 pm–7:00 pm

Adriano Koshiyama

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Prof. Kathryn Batchelor

This event is part of the CenTraS Translation and Technologies Seminar Series 2020-21. 

Dr Emre Kazim and Mr Adriano Koshiyama (UCL, UK), ‘Are the algorithms taking over?! AI ethics & language'.


AI ethics is a field that has emerged as a response to the growing concern regarding the impact of artificial intelligence (AI). Examples of harm that have been observed are bias in systems such as recruitment and criminal justice sentencing (where particular demographics are prejudiced against i.e. minorities are sent to jail for longer), voter manipulation (ex. concerns about foreign intervention in elections) and misdiagnosis of cancer patients. With these a growing consciousness has developed within wider society and developers of these technologies that something needs to be done. In this talk Emre and Adriano will introduce AI ethics by making reference to language themes (such as bias in translation and AI text generation). 

About the Speakers

Dr Emre Kazim

at University College London

Dr Emre Kazim
​​​​​​Emre Kazim is an AI ethicist based in the department of Computer Science, University College London. His research interests include algorithmic assessment, the impact of new digital technologies on the structures of state and informed policy making. He has a track record of interdisciplinary and knowledge exchange through community and consortia building. Emre can be contacted at: e.kazim@ucl.ac.uk

Mr Adriano Koshiyama

at University College London

Adriano Koshiyama is a researcher in the department of Computer Science, University College London. His research interests: Machine Learning, Finance, and Algorithmic Assessment. He is a specialist in designing trustworthy autonomous systems. Adriano can be contacted at: a.koshiyama@cs.ucl.ac.uk