UCL European & International Social & Political Studies


UCL European & International Social & Political Studies


ESPS0024 - Law, Freedom and Morality

Course value: 15 credits
Convenor: Rich Healey
Duration: One term (term 2)
Teaching Structure: One two-hour seminar
Assessment: Essay - 4000 words (100%)
Available to: Second Tears, Final Years and Affiliates [for Second Year students prior experience in philosophy (e.g. the equivalent of at least two modules) is strongly recommended]
Module level: Advanced

Course Description:

This course focuses on philosophical questions related to themes of law, freedom, and morality. Questions we will examine include: What does it mean to be a human being and a citizen? Does subjection to law threaten our freedom or our humanity? Must we accept the rule of law, or are there alternative forms of political leadership? Readings will vary by year but normally include Rousseau, Mill, Hume, Weber, and contemporary authors.