UCL European & International Social & Political Studies


UCL European & International Social & Political Studies


ESPS0005/6 - EU Law

Course value: 30 credits Term 1 & 2 - ESPS0005; 15 credits Term 1 or 2 - ESPS0006
Convenor: Alessandro Spano
Duration: Two terms (a one term course is available to affiliate students through the code ESPS0006)
Teaching structure: Two-hour seminar
30 credits version ESPS0005 - Practical Case (1500 words) 30% + Essay (2500 words) 70%
15 credits version ESPS0006 - Essay (3000 words) 100% 
Available to: All years and Affiliates
Module level: Intermediate

Course Description:

This course provides students with a very good grounding in the foundational doctrines of European Union (EU) Law.

The first part of the course focuses both on the institutional and constitutional law of the EU and in particular on the processes of political and administrative decision-making, legislation and adjudication.

The second part of the course examines aspects of substantive EU Law in relation to the creation of the Internal Market and the 'Four Freedoms' regarding the movement of goods, persons, services and capital.