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Interview with an Alumna – Isabel Scavetta and the ‘Career Pivot’

11 June 2021

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Interview with an Alumna – Isabel Scavetta and the ‘Career Pivot’ 

"The main skill that ESPS taught me was the ability to pick up new concepts and develop an in-depth understanding of them in a very short period of time. In one degree, you could study across 9 different humanities departments, and in our first year, we had an exam covering all of them! This is vital in industries such as consulting and technology because you’re constantly introduced to disparate subjects and you need to try and figure out ways in which they are similar to things you’ve seen before, and also what differentiates them."

UCL alumna, Isabel Scavetta (BA ESPS), recently spoke with UCL Careers about her career journey and pivoting in the wake of the Covid pandemic. Her story is truly fascinating, covering her studies and time at UCL, beyond graduation and her multifaceted career journey so far. We really hope that you gain some career inspiration from reading the conversation in full here https://bit.ly/2TrSJhM, which includes an article with the BBC.