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EISPS alumnus appointed Chief of Staff at Downing Street

1 December 2020

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In November 2020, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed Dan Rosenfield to become his Chief of Staff at Downing Street. Dan is a former student of European Social and Political Studies (First class, 1996-2000). He studied German, specialised in Philosophy, and spent the Year Abroad in Munich. In 2000, Dan published an article in “Modern European Research”, our in-house journal, entitled ‘Equality and Immanuel Kant’.

Dan wrote the following testimonial for our departmental website:

Why Study ESPS? (Dan Rosenfield, 2000)

dan rosenfield

I chose to study the degree because it allowed me to combine my interest in modern languages with my interest in politics and philosophy. The programme offered enough flexibility to cater for personal choice, yet enough focus to give a clear sense of aim and direction. Moreover, the opportunities to spend a year abroad and to conduct a research dissertation proved invaluable.

After leaving UCL , I joined the civil service and took up a post in HM Treasury. I first worked in the Welfare to Work team, which aims to expand economic and employment opportunities for all and to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of public services. I have now joined the Tax Policy team, working on general business tax and budget issues. Working for the Government is both exciting and challenging - you must quickly become an expert in your policy area, offering sound advice and critical analysis.

Studying the degree programme developed my interest in politics as well as my skills of analysis and critique. Combined with my year abroad and independent research project, this helped me acquire the confidence to apply these skills and to challenge those around me.

It is quite remarkable that newspapers from all political obedience welcomed his appointment, some stressing that Dan Rosenfield will be ‘a formidable asset’ to the Prime Minister.







My colleagues and I would like to congratulate Dan on his appointment as Chief of Staff in Downing Street. This is a truly impressive achievement. Good luck to him!

Prof Philippe Marlière
European and International Social and Political Studies (EISPS), UCL