UCL European & International Social & Political Studies


UCL European & International Social & Political Studies


ESPS0001 - Introduction to History, Law, Politics and Philosophy

Course value: 30 credits
Convenor: Associate Prof. Brian Klaas
Duration: Two terms
Teaching structure:  One-hour lecture, one-hour seminar, and 1 one-hour tutorial class. All parts of the course are compulsory and attendance is monitored.
Workload: one practice essay and one assessed essay; weekly seminar reading (available on Moodle) and two seminar presentations.
Assessment: Practice essay (1000 words), Essay 1 (1000 words) 25%, Essay 2 (1000 words) 25%, Essay 3 (2000 words) 50%
Available to: EISPS First Years.

Course Description:

This is the first-year core module, compulsory for all First Year EISPS students, giving an introduction to concepts and theories central to the understanding of modern politics, history and thought. The module is divided into seven main sections, listed in the order in which they will be taught.

  • Political Science I: Challenges to the State in World Politics (Professor Kristin Bakke)
  • History I: Modernity and Modernisation (Associate Prof. Mart Kuldkepp) This section available to ESPS students only
  • Global Politics (Associate Prof. Brian Klaas) This section available to ISPS students only
  • Philosophy: (Prof. Sebastian Gardner)
  • Law: Selected Topics of International Law (Dr Alessandro Spano)
  • Political Science II: Key Issues and Problems in politics (Carolin Heilig)
  • History II: Explaining Modernity (Prof. Peter Schroeder)
  • Political Science III: Political Economy (Dr Roland Kappe)

Guest lectures from other disciplines, and classes on essay and examination writing, will also be given. Lectures are supported by weekly back-up classes, in which students discuss ideas and arguments raised in the lectures and in a weekly set reading. These classes are generally convened by Ph.D students.