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Linguistic Justice
31 October 2011
In Europe and throughout the world, English is spreading at an unprecendet speed. This may favour communication and mobilization, but can also be regarded as unjust. In this event hosted by the Belgian Embassy in London, political philosopher Philippe Van Parijs will discuss the theses put forward in his latest book.

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EU Citizenship - problems, potential, policy
1 November 2011
Are the formal entitlements offered by EU citizenship beneficial and justifiable as they empower citizens? Or do they undermine national rights and a sense of social solidarity among citizens? Join us for a panel discussion at the Belgian Embassy in London.

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21 November 2011
In cooperation with the Italian Cultural Institute in London, we screen three films by renowned experimental filmmakers Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi, to complement a programme dedicated to their work at the Tate Modern. The filmmakers will be present and discuss their work with Robert Lumley, Professor of Italian Cultural History at UCL.

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Jack Straw on Britain and Europe
6 December 2011
At this event co-organised with UCL Public Policy, the Rt Hon Jack Straw MP will hold his UCL Inaugural Lecture on the theme of 'Britain and Europe'.

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UCL announcements

Parliament & Fundamental Rights in Sweden
4 November 2011
The Swedish Parliament has historically acted as the primary guardian of fundamental rights. This event assesses this constitutional arrangement and the impact of European law.
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When European Citizens Complain
25 November 2011
This workshop, organised by UCL Laws and the LSE Law Department, explores the role of accountability networks, specifically the European Network of Ombudsmen.
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  The European Institute is UCL's new hub for research, collaboration and information on Europe and the EU. The Institute supports specialised research across UCL, provides a leading forum for debate and serves as liaison to policy-makers, civil society and the media.
Newsletter - Issue 9

October 2011
  Featured Event
Transparency and Lobbying in the EU
3 November 2011
Questions of transparency are increasingly important as issues of democracy and accountability in the European Union are fiercely debated. Who is accountable? What influence do lobbyists have? How transparent are their activities? And what is the conduct of representatives and officials in the EU? Diana Wallis, Liberal Democrat MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament, who has been instrumental in establishing the Transparency Register, will deliver the keynote at this event organised with UCL Public Policy and the European Parliament Information Office in the UK.
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  Small Grants for UCL staff & students
Deadline for applications: 14 November
The UCL European Institute invites applications from UCL academic staff to its Small Grants Scheme, which funds projects that lead to or support collaborative research-based projects on Europe or the European Union. We also see applications to our annual funding scheme for groups of MA, PhD and/or post-doctoral students, who wish to explore common research interests related to Europe or the European Union, aim to develop new research output, or seek to raise the profile and impact of their research.
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Events & Commentaries
England Looking Outwards. A commentary.
Prof Helen Hackett
In our most recent commentary piece, Prof Helen Hackett (UCL English) looks at England in the 16th and 17th centuries - a period marked by new discoveries and new print technology - as it is positioned between two competing impulses: to turn inwards and define itself in opposition to the foreign; or to turn outwards and embrace and absorb foreign influences.

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  Negotiating Religion: European Legacies
23 November 2011
This academic year, we will run a workshop series on the complex processes, through which religious communities create or defend their place in a given commonwealth. This first event addresses the history of religious conflict and accommodation, and gauges the impact of skepticism and secularization in Europe. A keynote and four papers will be followed by a panel discussion.

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  EU-Balkans Ambassadorial Roundtable
24 November 2011
Organised in conjunction with International Business & Diplomatic Exchange, this event aims to create an opportunity to address the economic and political challenges faced by the Western Balkan countries plus Turkey as they aspire to full EU membership. It brings together relevant stakeholders - diplomats, EU officials, business people – with academics specialising in research in this field from UCL and elsewhere.

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