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European Institute reconvenes practice module

15 January 2023

Dr Uta Staiger and Dr Claudia Sternberg reconvene an innovative practice-informed module for the MSc European Politics and Policy.

EPPL speakers 2023

Following a successful launch in 2022, the European Institute is proud to convene the module ‘European Politics, Policy and Law in Practice’ again in 2023.

This module complements academic study with practice-led learning. Taking a slightly different approach to conventional modules, it is taught through a curated programme of moderated conversations with guest speakers who are high-level practitioners in their fields, combined with skills-oriented sessions led by experienced professionals. This offers students the chance try their hands at producing formats of analysis as they are used in practice. 
The module also includes a study trip to Brussels for two and a half days, where students will visit some of the EU institutions for bespoke conversation sessions.

Sessions focus on themes including climate and sustainability, trade negotiations, the UK-EU relationship and the EU as a foreign-policy actor. In addition, students learn how to develop policy briefings and think-tank pieces, how to write for a general audience and how to get the most out of stakeholder analyses, scenario exercises and collaborative workshops.

We work with a core team of guest lecturers, as well as some new speakers each year. If you are interested in contributing to future iterations, please get in touch!

We are extremely grateful to our distinguished speakers, who will cover the following topics:

  • Ambassador Lyndsay Croisdale-ApplebyUK Ambassador to the EU:
    UK-EU Relations Post-EU Exit.
  • Martin Porter, Executive Chair, University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership: 
    Climate, Sustainability and Advocacy.
  • Alex Wilson, Policy Analyst, European Parliament Research Service: 
    EU Energy Policy and RePower EU.
  • Luis Gonzalez Garcia, Associate, Matrix Chambers:
    Negotiating trade with the EU as a third country.
  • Heather Grabbe, Senior Advisor, Open Society European Policy Institute, Brussels:
    How Big Events Upset Policy.
  • Dr Ulrich Jochheim, Administrator, EU Parliament
    EU-China: the interplay between Europe and Asia.
  • Dr Joanna Apap, EU Official, European Parliament:
    Explaining the work of the EPRS.
  • Cyril Robin-Champigneul, First Counsellor and Head of the Economic and Trade Affairs Section, EU Delegation to the EU:
    The EU Delegation to the United Kingdom, and navigating the EU-UK relationship ​.
  • Avery Anapol, Politics editor, The Conversation:
    How to write for a general audience.
  • Lucy Shackleton, Head of Public Policy and Partnerships, UCL EI:
    Developing a policy briefing.