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Pan-European Stick to Science campaign launches, with UCL support

8 February 2022

The Stick to Science campaign, a pan-European effort to expedite the association of the United Kingdom and Switzerland to the EU’s Horizon Europe programme, launched this afternoon (8 February 2022).

Stick to Science logo

The campaign brings together the voices of researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators across the continent, underlining the importance of collaboration at international level, without political barriers. It is spear-headed by the President and Boards of ETH Zurich and EPFL alongside Universities UK, the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society.

The initiative emerged from a high-level roundtable on UK-Swiss-EU research relations convened by UCL European Institute on 26 November 2021. UCL President & Provost Dr Mike Spence is one of a range of high-level signatories, alongside Professor Mariana Mazzucato, Director of the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose at UCL.

To learn more about the campaign, and to sign the statement, please see: https://stick-to-science.eu/ 
To read a European Institute briefing on the differential impact of disruptive relations with the EU on the UK and Switzerland, please see: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/european-institute/publications/2021/dec/and-out-e...