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Axel Korner contributes to 'Roundtable: Contemporary European Historians on Brexit'

13 February 2019

Axel Korner


The Journal of Contemporary European History by Cambridge University Press has published a series of articles which examines the perspectives of Contemporary European Historians on Brexit. The volume emerged from a rondtable on the subject, and features 19 articles on a range of historical topics. Axel Körner, Fellow of the UCL European Institute, contributed to the volume, with an article on the UK's amour propre. 

Read the full volume: Roundtable: Contemporary European Historians on Brexit

Read Professor Körner's contribution (pdf): ‘Britain – the Sicily of Europe?’ Continental Perspectives on Britain’s Amour Propre

Axel Körner is Professor of Modern History and Director of the UCL Centre for Transnational History (CTH). His main area of interest is the intellectual and cultural history of Europe, 1750-2000. A related field of research is the history of nineteenth-century opera.