UCL European Institute


Policy Brief - Brexit and Beyond: The Future of Europe

8 February 2018


In a briefing for the Dahrendorf Forum, Benjamin Martill, Post-Doctoral Fellow at the LSE Dahrendorf Forum, and Uta Staiger, Executive Director of the UCL European Institute, examine the Brexit debate, causes and consequences both in the UK and in Europe and think ahead to a future after Brexit.

About the authors

Dr Benjamin Martill is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Dahrendorf Forum where he focuses on Europe a er Brexit. He is based at LSE IDEAS, the London School of Economics's foreign policy think tank.  e Dahrendorf Forum is a joint research venture between LSE and the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. His research looks at how political ideology and party politics a ect foreign policymaking, with particular reference to the politics of Cold War strategy in Europe. He was previously Lecturer in Politics at Canterbury Christ Church University and Research Associate at the UCL European Institute.

Dr Uta Staiger is the co-founder and Executive Director of the UCL European Institute. Her research examines the relationship between culture and politics, drawing together insights from modern European thought, the arts, and the history of European integration. She is particularly interested in mid-twentieth- century German theory and philosophy that seeks to straddle aesthetics and the idea of the political. Uta also holds the position of Pro-Vice- Provost (Europe), a strategic role shaping UCL's engagement with Europe, and acting as advocate for UCL's work on the continent.

Read the full paper here.