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Brexit Series on openDemocracy

13 December 2016



This week sees a series of articles on business and trade after Brexit appear on the openDemocracy website as part of our Brexit Divisions series.

The European Institute is guest editing a series of openDemocracy articles this week as part of our Brexit Divisions series of events. The pieces all examine the complex relationship between business, trade, and Brexit, seeking to shed light on the economics of British withdrawal from the EU.

The publications can be accessed below:

'Introduction: UK business and trade after Brexit' (Uta Staiger & Benjamin Martill)

'The economy after Brexit: encouragingly resilient or still a case of 'wait and see'?' (Iain Begg)

'The business of Brexit: how companies make decisions in uncertain political times' (Brad McKay)

'The dominance of Brexonomics' (David Schafer)

'Four Myths about Brexit and Financial Services' (Guy Sears)

'Brexit: Ireland stands to lose most' (Katie Daughen)

'International trade implications post-Brexit' (Luis Gongalez Garcia)

'Challenges of neogtiating a post-Brexit FTA with the EU' (Magdalena Frenhoff Larsen)

'What will Brexit mean for London's digital entrepreneurs?' (Oliver Patel)

'Brexit and the banks' (Barbera Casu Lukac)