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David Coen & Alexander Katsaitis report on interest representation in the European Parliament

22 October 2015


22 October 2015
Professor David Coen, Director of the UCL School of Public Policy and the Global Governance Institute, and Research Assistant Alexander Katsaitis have published a report to the European Parliament on the 'Institutional and Constitutional aspects of Special Interest Representation'.

The European Parliament is lobbied by growing numbers of special interests; their activity is greater in Committees dealing with issues on integration & regulation, and procedures under OLP, CNS and INI. Significantly, the density and diversity of accredited interests across committees mirrors patterns observed in registered groups across Commission DGs. Based on a survey of MEPs the report notes variation in the activity of interest groups across the policy cycle while influential groups are considered those that provide a mix of European level technical and political expertise; overall the Transparency Register is considered to improve the behaviour of interest representatives.