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UK-EU Security Cooperation after Brexit and Ukraine

11 July 2024, 10:00 am–12:00 pm

 Borodyanka, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine

Closed roundtable co-convened by the Independent Commission on UK-EU Relations and the UCL European Institute

This event is free.

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Claudia Sternberg


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 drastically altered the European security landscape at a time when UK-EU relations were at an all-time low. Since then, a combination of shared interests and threat perceptions – alongside evidence of British and European leadership – have brought about a rapprochement in the political relationship and fostered a revival of informal security cooperation between both sides.

This roundtable will examine what the current UK-EU security relationship looks like, how well it is working, and how it is likely to develop in the future. Looking forwards, the roundtable will invite discussion on the impact of the general election in the UK, a second Trump administration in the US, and increased representation of populist parties in the European Parliament and EU member states.

By invitation only. 






Photo by Mykhailo Volkov on Unsplash, Borodyanka, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine.

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